why do we fall, bruce?


“…so we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred

( http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/391005-why-do-we-fall-so-we-can-learn-to-pick )

– – – – – – – – –

Even the flowers fall, down with the sunlit leaves and debris.

From the nurturing soil, toward the nurturing sun,

We get past the fallen trees and tragically beautiful flowers by growing up and over them.  They will nurture us all for generations yet to come.  Even though we become separated we still hold each other in our hearts.  The separation is an illusion.  Just listen.

What do the voices of your dearly departed say to you?  Who are the separated that encourage you to grow and become more of yourself?  What long dead voices still ring true for you?  What soil nurtures your roots?  Where are you getting your brilliant sunlight?  Where do you get your regular water?

Food and drink, for thought and nutrition, eat well and be well.

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another day fights the dusk

rain drain graphite definite - 7/26/14
rain drain graphite definite – 7/26/14

The room grows dark,

dreamy light drains away and the impending tone is set.

In stone they write stories

in graves they write wars, gods fall to temper blades

history is splashed with more tears, marring the old words.

Lightning strikes as blind eyes in the sky’s scrapers

look down on the canopy tops at the receding hair line

sign the red dotted line, no cutting back

forever forsaken forgotten intricacies

lost jungles, darkness creeps

in broad daylight, with hidden eyes

plotting, afraid, desperate, alive

with mythic fangs, leaves remains

waiting for the chance

it will perish but it knows

it never ends.


iamthoswhobelieve 2014 crosses within crosses, two halves a whole
iamthoswhobelieve 2014
crosses within crosses, two halves a whole