And here we all are…


And here we all are.  So insignificantly small when we look at the clear night sky, the winking stars so plentiful so far away and so long ago are telling us an important story.  A lesson about who we are, who we will be, how much time there is reminds us of how we fit in.  It’s all over in less than the blink of an eye.  The lifespan of a gnat, the life’s work of an ant, a flickering flame sending an ember on an upward journey.  Gone forever, unforgettable and with illusions of grandeur we rise and fall.  From the deepest depths we crash and roll, breaking with the tides, endless, for all eternity.  The hypnotic dull roar muted by clear glass doors, lulling us back to sleep.  Lost in dreams.  Alone with the hum of the fridge, the ticking of the clock as seconds pass forever, out the cold night’s breeze.  Men strong and desperate work for squanderings on pitching decks under false lights that hide the heavens.  And the fish die, giving themselves, ending their lives, as is their place, under the stars.

1.11.2013 – Mark Weathers




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