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The black collarless cat

I have heard tale about black cats crossing your path. I have heard tale about witches’ familiars and known a few prankster, predator spirits myself. I know the black cat is a symbol with a long history of feline heroic individuals, and I know the black cat has it tougher than ever in this modern human world of blind violence and fearful hateful superstitions. Many humans treat the other animals in their life with blind contempt and confinement. Roadkill, and nobody cares.

markweathers_somethinghumble.com_IMG_0025 markweathers_somethinghumble.com_IMG_0036

The powerful, dark smell of fresh asphalt.
The inconvenient truth that auto-accidents kill and maim countless lives while some lives matter more than countless others. Our ways of transportation must involve killing less innocents. It’s not ok that a little kid has to lose his beloved pet for the same reason it’s not ok for all the other lil animals to lose their lives because humans haven’t figured out how to speed around safely.  The self driving cars of the future will go along way to shifting this paradigm.  The roads will start to look like train tracks with bridges for wildlife crossing.



Some animals in this life are free from their cages. Some roam the streets in a larger, harsher cage within a cage. The cage of random local human made happenstance within the happenstance of the nature of all life on Earth.




The boxer dog debated for a while but barked loud and furious at me after I said hello. Having it his way, I crossed the the road to avoid it and its invisible fence. Another boxer maybe the first one’s mum ran up, looked around and just seemed to want to calm the first dog down. The second never barked or payed me much attention at all. I crossed the road to the pedestrian right of way right after the medium loud dog. And then I crossed the road back again because a few houses down opposite the aggressive dogs, I saw a black cat guarding a house. I looked at its way must have maybe meowed. It probably meowed too after seeing me and came trotting down the hill right toward me from about 40 yard plus. Naturally I walk to intercept and pause on the shoulder of the road by the mailbox of the house the cat came from. We greeted each other like old friends. And had some nice gentle scratches and rubdowns. No collar, but very well mannered. She even came to me when I started calling her back from her careless and idle wandering onto the fresh black asphalt. I stayed with her for just a couple minutes and took her photo. A car passed by and as I was petting her, to hold her close, I also held her down with gentle force in the direction that she flinched when the car passed by. And then I immediately let go, and resumed passive petting/grooming. But then I wanted to leave and continue my long walk to the grocery store and then home. But no, she wouldn’t leave me alone. Meowing some but mostly just following in my foot prints with her silent steps she kept after me. The cat kept following me and as I stopped to pet it and give in yet again to it’s amazing persistent cuteness then I saw another neighborhood solo pedestrian like me coming toward us. Sure enough the cat continued to follow me and harass me with the cutest of meows and beckons for attention. She followed me for about two full houses down the street toward the direction out of the suburban network of stand alone ranch style houses. The other local neighborhood walker past by and she said she thought the cat belonged to me. I told her it was not mine, but I don’t think the cat knows this either. I told her that I knew about people warning about black cats crossing your path, but then asked her what does it mean when they won’t stop following you?  …when they won’t stop giving you lots of cute face bumps and tail whips, meows and purrs.


I started walking off a bit with the human lady and the cat must have taken it as a sign and so left me, venturing across the road and into another yard.  After wishing each other happy Halloween, I let the nice older woman in a cute red vest get some distance from me while I slowed and watched back for the black cat.  A minute or two later, I looked back and saw her again, walking the the side of the road toward me, from a good distance. I stopped, she walked forward for a while but then turned right and went up some drive way, probably about 5 to 7 houses down from where I first saw her. I gave a loud meow goodbye and watched her stop for a second and move her head to hear, saying that she heard. I couldn’t her meow, but I know how she feels and what she says. I had never seen her before and I’ll never see her again, probably. I hope she’s ok. -mark weathers 2014-10-29

markweathers_somethinghumble.com_MG_0013some leaves grow from the central husk of the tree itself.






Happy Halloween to you!



stung bit kicked

what was that?
I saw something fly out of my shirt too, where’d it go?
Oh, it definitely stung me. Now we’ve both been stung.  Ha!


Let’s go!
How’s your leg, does it still hurt?
Thanks for walking with me and catching the first webs.


laughter and humor and nonviolent dissent. Easiest thing and the strongest thing. love wins everything
even when it appears lost.

Let every fallen leaf carry a different lesson. This one is for you. Please be well. -2014-09-19- mark weathers-

Winning the dolarttry

Lottery: win a lot of money

DIY: do it yourself

Moneytree: doesn’t exist

Wishtree: tree with handwritten notes of well wishing tied to it with colorful yarn.

Oh I’m sorry.  Have you already won?  You already hold your winning ticket? 🙂

abstract found objects

winning the lottery
diy lottery
winning the dollertry
This is a day by day guide to help you EVEN BEGIN to think about actually winning the lottery.  I’m talking about the mega-million-bazillions here.
Day#1:  BOOM Bitches! Yeah!
You won.  Holy-Shit-Moment, yada-yada-yada.  Write down the exact amount you won.
EZPZ right?
Well.  Think about it and be realistic.
Seriously do this.  I know you have a pen and paper nearby.  This is going to be worth it, trust me.  What do you have to lose?  (only a true fortune, comfort, happiness, wealth, legacy, etcetera)
Done early?  It’s ok move on to the next day ahead of time if you are ready to advance. Hurry up!!!
Day#2: Shit gets real.
Before everyone you have ever known finds out you won, you must figure out what-the-muther-fucking-hell are you supposed to do with all that money.  Collect over the course of all those years?  Or you take the money all upfront with the penalty?  What will you invest into?  What are your ideal dream life scenarios, where are your homes and what do you do?  How much will you give to charity?  How much to your Mother/Father/etc?  How much to your closest friends?  How will you spend your time once you’ve sobered up and gotten bored?   Write it all down below the amount.
Day#4:  It will have taken this long to have figured it out and to have perfected your exact plan.  If you have written down, in real life, exactly what you would do, then you are serious about this and possess the will to succeed and achieve your dreams.  Now with your original list at home and a copy with you, you go to cash in your ticket.  Your plan goes to shit because as soon as you redeem your ticket in the store, you are shot by the clerk as you hand over the ticket.  You never saw the gun, it looked exactly like a camera.
Day#37:  you wake up.
All of your family is dead.
After the news story on Fox5, your place was filled with all your friends and family having a get together when the news helicopter backed into a cellphone tower and landed on your front lawn, sliding into your living room and exploding.
Day#42: you leave the hospital.
You find a place and immediately eat a hamburger.
You go to the bathroom and immediately throw up.
There is a lottery ticket behind the toilet and you can tell some dumbass dropped a winning ticket.  You wretch again and again.  You wash up and walk straight-the-fuck out.
Day#42.5: you find a pencil with an eraser and some fresh paper.
You write down your ideas for a business.  Exactly how you’ll earn cash on day number forty-three.  Exactly what supplies you’ll need.  The exact location.  How much food and water you will need, and transportation.  Everything can be written down.  Anything can be written down and sketched out.
Day#43: you liquidate everything you needed to (including the winning ticket from behind the toilet that you put into a ziplock baggie because you never pass up a little help even if it is from your enemies. fuck them, take their shit.)  And you get the sum you need to buy your business’s name and for your own two feet to hit the pavement.
You make your money, not as much as you hoped.  But you have the peoples contact info and a few other people that traded info.
Day#365:  One year will have past from the time you read about day one.
You will own your own business.  You will have a ton of new friends and fellow business-compatriots.  Enough to bounce ideas off of and start new collaborations, as well as continue earning money doing your day job which is your own business which your new friends and customers are helping you to carry on with.
Day #366:  You notice that actually all your family and friends are not dead and that you never won the original sum you wrote down.  But you find that only certain friends and family members are really worth spending time with and all the rest you have kindly ignored.  You see the value in always being polite, to kill them with kindness.  You see how doing so can reveal their true intentions.  You can see how some of them still struggle and pay hard earned money for a rigged game they do not fully understand.
We all have the dream.  We don’t all have a custom plan, that’s been revised counted less times and is still not perfect even now at day number, today’s date.
On what day will you realize you don’t need all your copies of your business model and you hand it to a homeless person on the same street you started out on…
On what day will you realize you don’t need to seek money, that instead money finds you because you do what you love doing so well because you’ve done it long enough to become a master.  A student and a master, practicing all the various things there are to do and love.
-Mark Weathers 2014-07-31-23:17

Golden Orange Sunset Landscape from Crecent Beach Florida

The Golden Orange sunset, moody and majestic it leaves us with a gradual explosion of color and inspires us to appreciate the present moment for its beauty and splendor. Each sunrise and sunset marks the median between our two well known daily time periods of night and day. And each time we spin around on this big ball shaped rock, we are treated again and again with wonders of light and the mysteries of midnight. A good vantage point, a few clouds and a rich sky full of shifting color is worth taking advantage of ever time the opportunity presents itself.


And now with the help of my friends at Zazzle, this golden scene will set forever!