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  1. Mr. Weathers,

    Greetings, my name is Trenton Kerger from Council Bluffs, Iowa. In researching campsites near Denver for a trip this coming summer, I saw your name come up on a picture of the dispersed camping regulations for Clear Creek Ranger District near Idaho Springs. I am wondering if you have a better resolution of this image, or if you have any intel on the best campsites at South Chicago Creek. I will have a tiny teardrop camper, and I am wondering if I can use it there or if the landscape is not amenable to that idea. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hey Mr. Kerger! Thanks for reaching out. Seems all my originals are backed up on an external drive buried somewhere, so I will have to get back to you on that. I use for finding good sites and left my review of the nearby Heffernan Gulch site here:!51172&query=sitedetails

      My favorite spots in that area was the Rock Creek Rd trail and dispersed camping area because it felt so easy, rugged, and remote and had a great trail to explore, just like some of the sites around Breckenridge like the North Fork site and the whole Boreas Pass Rd area. Breck, and it’s library were heavenly interludes for the camping and hiking adventures. The links for those are:!50968&query=sitedetails and!138298&query=sitedetails and!138959&query=sitedetails

      Getting up the road to the North Fork site might be too much for your teardrop, but I did see a larger camper rig setup there so it depends on your risk assessment, icy weather, etc. Good luck out there and enjoy yourself! – MW

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