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Imagine yourself

life is what you make of it

Are you taking?
Are you giving?

Are you stranded?
Lost in a sea of your own mind

You are right where you are supposed to be
Right when you are needed
Now.  Here.  
No kiddin’

It’s all about your frame of reference.
You have the power to shift it at will.
Your imagination
…is limitless.




a walk to the library on january 24th 2017

a long drive through the rain
manhattan whizzing by 
from one parking spot luckily avoiding a ticket

to another parking spot not far away
a square grided circle back to where I came from
getting stuck in traffic and enjoying every second

packed and sorted and turned around once more
enjoying the central park meandering about
under the archway a pause to reflect, stairs, two towers

a commitment to ending homelessness must be made
a cold wet wind funnels in the tunnel past me and the fort
a long walk to the library with much in tow under the umbrella

sweet eye candy and a deep connection to the public space
rewards abound, drowning in potential knowledge
longing to be with, imagining affections

of new york city angels and goddesses
much could be said and more
a grandeur matched by the openness of the library’s caver

bright chandeliers with countless orbs 
massive arched windows framing the billowing smoke
and ridged structures of 5th avenue at 41st street

Awareness of Opportunity

Re-contextualized, simplified, and illuminated:
When your perspective undergoes a shift,
windows through the darkness may appear.

A blue sliver of sky through full cloud cover with dark exposure

A way out, a way forward
We are all going to look up
and see the dividing line

A blue sliver of sky through full cloud cover

It is our choice
to be aware
to be open
to follow our dreams
or not.

A blue sliver of sky through full cloud cover with light exposure
A blue sliver of sky through full cloud cover with light exposure – Mark W

The trees are speaking

What whispers will spill,

from between the cracks in the bark?

AVL15_MarkWeathers_2015- 3-27_IMG_0181

What creaks and moans,

bends in the wind,

grows tall in the dirt and snow.

AVL15_MarkWeathers_2015- 3-27_IMG_0214

Greetings of fruit to bear

shade from the heat during the Summer months,

shade from the Sun’s far reaching¬†rays.

AVL15_MarkWeathers_2015- 3-27_IMG_0037

What ways do you grow?

What fruit do you bear?

Who do you cast a shadow upon,

as the sunlight feeds us all…

AVL15_MarkWeathers_2015- 3-27_IMG_0063
Let us all be lush and verdant! – mww 2015