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New header images at last!

I finally figured out how best to change my header images from the default ones.  I found some good instructions, made a child theme from WP Twenty Eleven and then installed the Cimy image rotator plugin, upload all my new images and updated some code:

The tricky part was figuring out how to eliminate the extra spacing that the plugin code added when I replaced some php code in my headers.php file.  I had to find the margin value and change it to 0 auto;  Figured this out thanks to JennC on this helpful forum post.

life’s a glitch, and then you die

Here’s some glitchy mashups I made thanks to my buddy Phil Stearns’ online class. He showed us a few ways to break down different file types and use text editors, hex editors, audio software to create glitch effects on images and animated gifs. Here’s a mashup I did of some public domain nuke photos.  Mmmm pretty colors… You likey? There’s more here at this URL, my still viewable project on skillshare:

I’ve included the originals that I used to create the mashups too, maybe you want to use them as well.